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Quantum Sail Design Group

Through MIPS, Annapolis-based Quantum Sail Design Group worked with the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel to develop a new sail design that was eventually used in all of the company's high-performance, racing, offwind sails.

Matrics Technology Systems

RFID reader and tags provider Matrics Technology Systems, now part of Motorola, worked with UMD ECE Professor Emeritus Kawthar Zaki, who provided Matrics with specific antenna designs that enhanced performance and increased read range.

Fyodor Biotechnologies

Through MIPS, Fyodor Biotechnologies worked with Ganesh Sriram, assistant professor, UMD department of chemical and biomolecular engineering, to develop a yeast-based technology for reliably making artemisinin, a treatment for malaria.

CSA Medical

CSA Medical, through MIPS, conducted a clinical trial of its spray cryotherapy device for treating pre-cancerous and cancerous diseases of the esophagus with Bruce Greenwald, professor of medicine at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

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