MIPS Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a University technology expert to perform my company's research under the MIPS program?

The Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech) will provide information on faculty members working in your technical area of interest. Fill out a "statement of interest" form.

Do MIPS funds go directly to the company?

No. MIPS funds, as well as the company's cash contribution, are applied to research done by university personnel for the benefit of the company.

Which University System of Maryland institutions are involved in the MIPS program?

MIPS involves all twelve institutions of the University System of Maryland, as well as Morgan State University and St. Mary's College of Maryland.

Can a company or a university researcher participate in more than one MIPS project at a time?

Yes, within the limits of MIPS resources and at the discretion of the evaluators.

Who reviews MIPS proposals?

Economic evaluators and technical reviewers evaluate the proposals. Economic evaluators are professionals from the community involved in early stage technology commercialization. Technical reviewers are active researchers from federal labs and universities and can be suggested by the proposing company or PI.

How is MIPS policy determined?

MIPS has an Advisory Board—consisting of high-level business, state government, federal government, investment community, and university executives—which advises the MIPS Director on policy matters.

Are two-year projects possible under the MIPS program?

Yes; however, the award of a phase II is dependent upon the progress made in phase I.

How is proprietary information in proposals treated?

Reasonable efforts to protect material or data which is clearly marked "confidential" or "proprietary" will be made by the MIPS office. However, because MIPS engages outside reviewers to evaluate proposals, and because these reviewers do not sign NDA's. MIPS suggests that applicants either not include sensitive information in their application or formally protect that information by filing with the U.S. Patent Office prior to submitting to MIPS. Once a project is awarded and begins, university research personnel are required to protect company proprietary information.

Can we get help in preparing a proposal?

Definitely. Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech) professionals will be happy to provide you with guidance and assistance. Just request such help, but, please, don't wait until the last moment.

Are non-profit organizations and trade associations eligible for the MIPS awards?

Yes, and they are subject to the same eligibility rules as for-profit firms. However, we do not accept proposals from government organizations.